Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

This was my Facebook status a few weeks ago: Don’t sweat the small stuff, put your loved ones at the top of your list, karma will take care of the rest.

Karma was an important part of my value system growing up. A large part of growing up Hindu is understanding how it works. Of all the teachings I had as a child this is what stuck with me. Whenever something inexplicably sad happened, momma said, karma works in mysterious ways. It’s not about me.

Right now I’ve got the blues. Finishing university was a dream come true for me. I did everything I could to make it happen and now I’m not sure what comes next. My kids come first, that’s for sure. Applying for jobs post recession is hard enough but with my kids being a priority it’s even harder. We’re not starving poor, nor are we in any major financial trouble, so a job isn’t life or death now. But a job that I love is key to my personal happiness and if I’m not happy my kids won’t be happy and that’s the truth.

I’m not happy at home without a job but I’m surely appreciative of all the good things I have in my life. I have time to work on my writing, though being a writer is the scariest job sometimes. Putting pen to paper, making words come to life, I know I want to do it, but wondering whether people will want to read it and making a career out of it, I don’t know if I can do it.

I should be blogging more, it’s like flexing my writing muscle in my brain. I didn’t want to write another entry until I was feeling a bit more positive. On that note, yes, I can see a glimmer of hope and I haven’t even had a sign from the universe. That’s a good thing, right? Write?

Then I saw this. Waiting for that work ball to bounce back!

waiting for the bounce back

waiting for the bounce back


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